why should you visit Jambe Asri?

Visiting Jambe asri agrotourism makes you enjoy the fresh air and also provides inner peace. The atmosphere inside Jambe Asri Agrotourism is so green, simple, harmonizing the calm atmosphere amidst beautiful plantations. Jambe Asri can be the right location to complete your information about the process of making Luwak coffee. Mr. Agung, as the owner of Jambe Asri, explained that luwak coffee is the most unique coffee making process, and has a special taste that cannot be matched with other coffee in the world. This type of coffee can only be found in Continue reading “why should you visit Jambe Asri?”

Difference between Luwak Coffee and Ordinary Coffee

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Luwak coffee goes through a longer process flow before reaching your cup. Because the process is different, the taste and content in the most expensive coffee in the world is certainly not the same as ordinary coffee.

1. Taste

At a glance from the look, there is nothing different from this drink, the color produced is the same as the usual coffee, brownish black. However, if you have talked about aroma and taste, of course it is not the same. 

Luwak coffee taste is very smooth, there is no bitter taste, and there is a refreshing little sour fruit. The final taste or  aftertaste  of the most expensive coffee is very  clean,  does not leave bitter. Continue reading “Difference between Luwak Coffee and Ordinary Coffee”

About Luwak Coffee Indonesia, One of the Most Expensive Coffee in the World

Luwak coffee is one of the most expensive coffees in the world because it has exotic value and its availability is very rare. Indonesian civet coffee sells well and is very popular with coffee lovers because it is considered to have a smooth and friendlytaste in the stomach.

Not everyone can appreciate this drink because many are disgusted with the basic ingredients that come from civet animal feces. Because of this, these drinks also get bad nicknames in various countries. The most widely used term by US media is ‘ paint poop coffee ‘.

Various slanted issues attack this typical Indonesian beverage product . Even so, the Indonesian Luwak coffee industry seems uninterrupted and still sells well at high prices.

What is the actual production process of civet coffee? Why is it still expensive now? Check out this article to find out the most expensive ins and outs of coffee in the world.

Why Indonesian luwak coffee is expensive?

Enjoi Luwak Coffee in Jambe Asri

There are three main factors that make Indonesian Luwak

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