Is Luwak coffee halal to drink?

Muslim dring luwak coffee in Jambe Asri

Debates about halal or haram are those that often appear among coffee connoisseurs who are Muslim. The main factor that has been debated is the origin of the material. This drink is processed from animal feces, stool has an unclean or dirty element.

The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), with fatwa number 7 of 2010, agreed that drinks from the digestion of these animals are halal. Determination of this fatwa is carried out after consideration from several sources including Al Quran, Hadith, fikh science  and scientific research.

The first reason, because after getting out of the digestion of the civet, the seeds are still wrapped in horn skin and can grow back if planted. Digestion of these animals is very short, so that fruit seeds cannot be destroyed in the stomach.

Second reason, civet coffee is included into the category of  mutualajjis(contaminated goods) and is not unclean. So, after being cleansed and free from dirt, the object returned to the essence of halal.


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