About Luwak Coffee Indonesia, One of the Most Expensive Coffee in the World

Luwak coffee is one of the most expensive coffees in the world because it has exotic value and its availability is very rare. Indonesian civet coffee sells well and is very popular with coffee lovers because it is considered to have a smooth and friendlytaste in the stomach.

Not everyone can appreciate this drink because many are disgusted with the basic ingredients that come from civet animal feces. Because of this, these drinks also get bad nicknames in various countries. The most widely used term by US media is ‘ paint poop coffee ‘.

Various slanted issues attack this typical Indonesian beverage product . Even so, the Indonesian Luwak coffee industry seems uninterrupted and still sells well at high prices.

What is the actual production process of civet coffee? Why is it still expensive now? Check out this article to find out the most expensive ins and outs of coffee in the world.

Why Indonesian luwak coffee is expensive?

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There are three main factors that make Indonesian Luwak

coffee more expensive than coffee in general. These three factors are a long production process, the amount of harvest that is not as large as ordinary coffee beans, and the taste of coffee that is not thick.

Initially, this drink was discovered when the Dutch colonial government applied forced coffee. People who are curious about the taste of coffee find seeds that are still intact in the feces of a ferret-like animal. They process seeds from the dirt, bake, then brew.

The enjoyment of this drink is heard by the Dutch government. They then collect and sell Indonesian civet coffee very expensive.

The process begins when coffee plants enter the harvest period. Fruit that is ready for harvest will begin to turn reddish. Luwak has the habit and ability to choose the best quality coffee fruit, so this animal will eat fruit with good seeds.

The fruit eaten will be digested by this animal, strangely the digestion of this animal can not destroy the layer of coffee, only the flesh of the fruit and epidermis. In the digestion of animals like cats , the seeds will undergo a fermentation process.

The dirt or feces from the mongoose will later be collected to be cleaned. No kidding, the washing process can last up to 5-7 times. The washing process is also carried out in running water to keep it clean.

After cleaning, the next process is  roa

sting or roasting. The roasting process is only up to the medium  roast level  The reason is to maintain a unique sense of character.

The roasted seeds are then packaged in whole beans or powder for sale. Some breeding areas even open a civet coffee cafe so that visitors can enjoy the most expensive coffee immediately after baking.

The price of wild Indonesian civet

coffee on the market reaches more than IDR 1,000,000.00 per kg. A cup of civet coffee in Jakarta for example, costs around Rp. 70,000.00 per cup. Abroad, the price of a cup of this drink is around 35 USD. If the form of seeds or powder costs 100 to 600 USD per 450 grams

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