Difference between Luwak Coffee and Ordinary Coffee

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Luwak coffee goes through a longer process flow before reaching your cup. Because the process is different, the taste and content in the most expensive coffee in the world is certainly not the same as ordinary coffee.

1. Taste

At a glance from the look, there is nothing different from this drink, the color produced is the same as the usual coffee, brownish black. However, if you have talked about aroma and taste, of course it is not the same. 

Luwak coffee taste is very smooth, there is no bitter taste, and there is a refreshing little sour fruit. The final taste or  aftertaste  of the most expensive coffee is very  clean,  does not leave bitter.

Indonesian Luwak coffee almost always has a unique fruity  taste . In fact, coffee beans in each region have different taste characters. This natural fermentation process in the mongoose’s stomach gives rise to   a strong fruity when brewed.

The aroma of this luxury drink is more fragrant and stronger. There is not the slightest trace of animal faeces or other unpleasant odors.

2. Substance content

According to the research results  of Hasanuddin University , there is no difference in the types of substances contained in luwak coffee with ordinary coffee. However, there are differences in the levels of substances contained in it:

  • The percentage of caffeine robusta coffee caffeine content is 1.77% and arabica mongoose is 1.74%, whereas in robusta coffee it is 1.91% and ordinary arabica is 1.85%.
  • The percentage of protein contained in Robusta Luwak coffee is 16.23% and Arabica luwak is 14.84%, whereas in ordinary Robusta coffee is 18.34% and ordinary arabica is 16.72%.
  • Fat content in robusta luwak coffee is 18.45% and arabica mongoose is 19.76%, while in regular robusta coffee it is 16.41% and ordinary arabica is 17.37%.

Briefly, caffeine and protein levels in luwak coffee beans are slightly lower than ordinary coffee. Meanwhile, the fat content in the most expensive coffee is slightly higher compared to coffee in general. Both of these results apply to arabica and robusta seeds, where arabica seeds are lower in caffeine than robusta.


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