why should you visit Jambe Asri?

Visiting Jambe asri agrotourism makes you enjoy the fresh air and also provides inner peace. The atmosphere inside Jambe Asri Agrotourism is so green, simple, harmonizing the calm atmosphere amidst beautiful plantations. Jambe Asri can be the right location to complete your information about the process of making Luwak coffee. Mr. Agung, as the owner of Jambe Asri, explained that luwak coffee is the most unique coffee making process, and has a special taste that cannot be matched with other coffee in the world. This type of coffee can only be found in

tourists at Jambe Asri Agroutourism Gianyar, Bali

Besides being unique, the fermentation process of coffee beans takes place inside the Luwak’s own stomach before the coffee beans are ready to be roasted. This process can take 4 hours in the Luwak’s stomach through a cleansing process in the stomach. This knowledge is very important to avoid the notion that Luwak coffee comes from animal feces. “At Jambe Asri, I assure you that tourists get information or knowledge about the coffee products we sell,” said Mr. Agung. Visitors can taste various types of coffee and tea that are served in small cups for free.

in Jambe Asri, tourists are given an explanation of coffee products in detail. all employees have been provided with knowledge in providing information and attitudes in international relations that adhere to local wisdom in Bali. “Tourist activities here, besides being able to see beautiful gardens, they can also enjoy views of the rice fields around them while tasting various types of tea and coffee in a Teaster activity,” said one of the tour guides. Tea and coffee offered to tourists is free of charge. Except for Luwak coffee which has a special price so you can try it. This tester will be served in small glasses which include Bali Coffee, Ginseng Coffee, Coconut Coffee, Vanilla Coffee, Mocca Coffee, Mangosteen Peel, Lemon Grass Tea, Ginger Tea, Red Ginger Tea, Saffron Tea, and Bali Pure Cocoa.

Luwak coffee products for souvenirs in Jambe Asri. The weight of each package starts from 100 grams to 200 grams.

Packaged coffee products can also be purchased all displayed on store shelves in the garden. “While enjoying coffee, tourists can also see the sunset and see the daily lives of farmers cultivating rice fields like living in a village,” said Mr. Agung.

Jambe Asri Agrotourism is open from 9am to 6pm. Travelers are not at all charged for enjoying natural treats while drinking coffee at special prices.

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