Jambe Asri is an agro tourism that will give you experience and knowledge about the process of making luwak coffee in the traditional way of Balinese society. you will meet the luwak that is the spearhead of this business, then we will take you to our kitchen where the coffee beans we get from luwak feces have undergone a long cleaning process that is being traditionally processed by beautiful women into coffee powder ready to be brewed with hot water.

You will have the opportunity to sample our various coffee-making classes in an open space with views of heaven. we are not sure you can spend all the coffee we serve, we suggest you come with your friends or family.

Do you want to make Luawak coffee at home? You can buy Luawak coffee that we have packaged beautifully, of course you can make it as souvenirs for friends and family who cannot join your trip to Bali.

we love making luwak coffee for you. this is the best and most expensive coffee in the world. I hope this will add to your happiness while in Bali. thank you for visiting Jambe Asri.